A Strategy That Builds and Manages Wealth For The Rest of Us

The time to create a plan is before you need it. Sudden decline in your salary, lay-offs and ecomonic hardships can affect your judgement, mess with your emotions, make you decide on things that are not in your best interest. This group mentoring program helps you operate at near 100% efficiency in good or bad economic conditions, generates automatic income with potential capital appreciation. The Plan can be managed easily, even from the top of a mountain, on a smart phone or tablet. Join and discover what 40+ years of entrepreneurial and investing experience has taught me about making money and putting money to work at with continuous efficiency and maximum returns that anyone can do

Warren's Secret Sauce

Workin' It Like Warren. Warren Buffett is one of the richest men in the world, is often quoted, but his working investment strategy is rarely understood. There are two not-so-obvious principles that guides his business decisions. You will learn how to buy and sell like Warren...

Efficient Money-Making Plan

Example After Example. From IRS studies on what the wealthy do to make money and write-off expenses to how to pick up assets at pennies on the dollar, you won't find a better use of your time than learning these simple (seriously, simple) strategies for generating money and huge returns...

Build an Automated Online Six-Figure Income Stream

I started online in 1996. It took three years to make a profit but since then I have never made less than six-figures a year online. In this add-on, special session to the Wealth Masterclass, I reveal the strategies I use to generate income on auto-pilot...

The Digital Asset Investor Talks About The Wealth Masterclass

The Digital Asset Investor (DAI) on YouTube has 57.9k subscribers and is one of the most well-respected influencers in this space. Unknow to me at the time, he discussed the Masterclass on his channel (I'm @Cryptopolis on YT). The original, full & uncut, video is available here. Be sure to subscribe to his channel!

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Frequently Asked Questions

about the Wealth Masterclass

When you purchase the Masterclass online you will select a unique username and password of your choice that grants you access to our student Portal. The Portal is a secure area on our website with links that you can use to download the course materials to your computer. The course materials are available for download 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Any updates to the course material will automatically be available to you without additional charge in this area of our website.

The pricing of the Wealth Masterclass is comparable to a college level course you would take at a university or local college which is typically $50-$150 per class hour. The Wealth Masterclass is approx 11 hours of video instruction, and 12+ hours of live webinars* per year and ahs a one-time course fee of $1995 $1295 without one-on-one coaching, and $2995 $2495 with one-on-one coaching. However, even if you choose to take the class without coaching, there's unlimited support by the instructor via email for up to one year for each student. *The course fee includes all course material and live monthly webinars (with time for Q&A) for all students, without additional charge.

We ask that each prospective attendee to study the course description carefully and email the instructor at [email protected] with any questions prior to registering to avoid any confusion. Since you have access to the full course materials immediately upon registering, and there's no way to 'return' them, and so do not offer refunds. However, we have provided this course to dozens of students to-date and have had zero refund requests.

All of our contact information is below on this page which includes mailing address, phone number and email address. We also include links to the instructors' LinkedIn profile and Twitter account (feel free to DM). If you need to contact us please use the method of contact you feel most comfortable with.

The course materials are listed in a PDF file you can download in our student Portal - a secure area of our website. Each video in the course is zipped to reduce file size and are approx 250MB each in size. Most computers know how to handle zipped files successfully. Inside the zipped files is the entire Wealth Masterclass course in *.MP4 format. MP4 video files are a current standard video format that most computers and smart devices (optimized for smart phones and tablets) are able to play without problems. If you do have a problem playing the course videos please contact us.

The Wealth Masterclass instructor is David Vallieres. David spent 15 years in public service as the former CEO of two Community Development Corporations (CDC), Director of Economic Development and former Deputy Commissioner of Urban and Economic Development for the city he lives in. After a successful career in public service he left 20+ years ago to create his own business. He currently owns a publishing company and is the CEO of the stock market research firm, Strong Market LLC. He's been an entrepreneur, investor and trader in the financial markets for over 40 years and has developed proprietary trading algorithms used by retail and professional traders, and investment advisors worldwide. He is a frequent guest on the Investment Perspectives YouTube channel, a co-host of the Tradingology Trading Room twice a week and has over 8,400 followers on Twitter (Handle: Cryptopolis_x). DISCLAIMER: Mr. Vallieres is not a registered investment advisor and cannot offer personal investment advice. This Masterclass is for entertainment and educational purposes only.

What a few of our customers and clients are saying about us and our training programs:

“I recommend it for anyone”

“I buy *lots* of stuff and typically I see almost the exact same ol’ – same ol’ stuff. Dave’s information is hot and from inside the trenches which makes it even more valuable. I recommend it for anyone who wants to build an online information business.”

-Yanik Silver

“You’re The Person I Learned The Most From…”

“I was just thinking about the other day who would be the person I learned the most from, or who would be the person I would call one of my mentors…

I think you would be the one. And I wanted to thank you for this. People just forget to say thank you in the daily grind. :-)”

– Peter Lenkefi

“…The Information You Give Is Too Valuable “

“Hi David, I’ve been silent, but extremely active about your training. I’ve learned a lot of incredible concepts.

You have changed almost everything in my business philosophy. I did everything wrong! … I have learned from (other gurus) etc. and my own experience. … But the information you give is too valuable… and would never reveal it … I’m very serious about that.”

-Yan Basil

“I’m Impressed!”

David , I’m impressed! I just finished your Online Entrepreneur Training Program.

I’ve followed many of them and to be honest I was a bit skeptical at first. Now I must admit that this course can easily compete with every training from the so called Guru’s. It even goes beyond that since you also unveil your personal operations details based on your strategies! I’ve never seen that before and it is invaluable .

I just want to let you know that right now I’m restructuring my site based on your training program. Thank you very much for the insights and precious information.

-Case Stevens

“You Didn’t Charge Enough!”

“Your lessons are incredible. You didn’t charge enough! I can’t even imagine how much time you’ve put into this”

– Ron V

“I’m Totally Blown Away!”

“David,… I’m totally blown away! I have spent over $20,000 in the past 12 months buying websites, how to make money info, marketing info, etc. Yours is the first one that actually shows me what to do.

Ultimately I’m counting on making a living online ($100,000+) by putting your teachings into practice. I want to be the poster boy for the David Vallieres Coaching Program! (It’s) Excellent!”-

– John B., entrepreneur

“Straight Shooting…”

“(Your) sharp focus on the reader’s wants and my USP came in stages. Planted suggestions like your “Yes, this is good, and I think you can do better,” your examples and suggested revisions, straight shooting but tactful feedback, impassioned instruction, and suggested reading have been my catalysts”

– Mary Greene, writer

“I simply, absolutely, love this course!”

– Mark Rodell

“These Lessons Are Dynamite”

“Hi Dave, Just wanted to let you know that these lessons are dynamite . My mind has never been so focused and sharp, and the lessons answer my questions for me. I really enjoy this training and the lessons so far. For once I feel like I got a shot at getting somewhere with this Internet marketing stuff. :o)” -Dan Brock

“I’m Mighty Impressed…”

“Hi Dave. Some pretty awesome stuff you’re sharing here. I’m mighty impressed …! :-)”

– Darryl

“I’m Enjoying Your ‘Coaching’ Course Immensely…”

“I’m enjoying your ‘coaching’ course immensely. I’ve gotten several of your things before, and think very highly of them. If I succeed in getting this ball rolling, I’d be glad to give you a testimonial. I like your program much better than Yanik’s, by the way, but his is not bad.

On a personal note, I am now 82 years old, and am pushing eBay & the net in order to supplement social security. In previous lives I have been both an artist & a printer. Keep up the good work! Cordially, ”

– Edward Kirkpatrick

“The Past Three Weeks I Have Averaged Over $650 A Week…”

“Hi Dave, Just finished week six’s lesson and thought I’d drop you a line on where I’m at. When I started 6 weeks ago, I was averaging around $3-400 a week profit, enough to get by, but barely.

The past three weeks I have averaged over $650 a week, and have already hit that this week, and it’s only 5 days old. I admit, I skimmed through a lot of the early lessons, and will need to revisit them, but you have set me on the right track. In using the ‘find’ technique today, I was able to craft the following killer headline for my low carb software:

” Here’s How To Cut Your Carbs To The Bone, Protect Each Hard Fought Pound You Lose, And Maintain Complete Satisfaction In Your Low Carb Diet, Without Ever Being Hungry Again! ”

I got this idea from the… final lesson, thanks! I’ll keep you posted on my way to $2,000 per week, very soon I pray 🙂 Warmly”,

– Scot Standke

“Your Course Has Been Truly Outstanding…”

” Your course has been truly outstanding and I’ve picked up some valuable pointers even though I am a 31 year veteran of marketing.”

– Ellery Coleman

“…real strategies from a true net marketing war horse”

“Ask any web marketer worth his salt and they’ll tell you that most of the copywriting ebooks and manuals being sold on the net today are pure junk. It’s either recycled verbiage, hyped up theory or a plane old lie. Bottom line is you’d be better served spending your money on a pizza than to buy some of the crap online today.

Carefully Crafted Emails And Web Copy is different. It contains real strategies from a true net marketing war horse – David Vallieres. You won’t find any b.s. theory here. Every technique is time tested, simple to follow, easy to apply and above all — devastatingly profitable. This program is a true marketing gem. Get this!”

– Lenny Eng

“Very impressive!”

“Just to let you know, I already purchased your Video. I’ve only been able to watch the first video, but from what I’ve seen so far, I think the videos are very impressive! I’m convinced that the videos will certainly help me write more convincing sales messages” –

– Joe Chengery III,

“Your Video tutorials have hit the nail on the head…”

“As someone who has been trying for the longest time to make money on the Internet I now see the mistakes I’ve been making in trying to write in an effective way to make people buy. Your Video tutorials have hit the nail on the head and I’m applying the techniques to my current advertising efforts. I’ll let you know how it goes Thanks again” – Nancy Langston http://www.craftallday.com

“I just bought that video you did with the guy where you showed him how to compose the sales letter. It was fantastic, really educational and, at least for me, a bargain.”

– Matthew Daniels

“…thanks for a system that finally works!”

“I sent out a email to my list of 569 users yesterday before I left to visit my mother. I just came back tonight and my email inbox was full of sales from clickbank. My eyes popped out. $914.70!!! 15 sales in 26 hours. All I have to say is a very sincere thanks…thanks for a system that finally works! Later, Jarrett”

– Jarrett Graham

“You are ingenious…”

“You are ingenious for coming up with something like this! I’ve watched it and although I know quite a bit about copy writing, I have to admit I gleaned some very good points from it. Superb job!” –

James Jones, Author & Publisher

“Your product has really cleared away the confusion…”

“Hi, I’m writing in response to your request for feedback on your tutorials. Your product has really cleared away the confusion I’ve had (that I didn’t even know I had) until I watched your tutorials. I have started to apply what I’ve learned and I am no less than excited about the results I’m going to get.” –

David Guindon, Editor/Programmer

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