August 18, 2019


Market Timer Dashboard Launched


Dear Subscriber,


Previously​​ available only to our institutional clients, we're very excited to inform you that starting today subscribers will also be able to access Market​​ Timer updates via an interactive Dashboard. The Client Dashboard​​ includes charts and data visualizations of Market Timer signals in a new way.


It's available now at​​​​ (see below for access instructions)


This new method of delivering Market Timer updates will enhance your experience, understanding and insights into the data.


There's no additional charge to access the new Dashboard for current, subscription based Market Timer clients.


We are already planning updates to the Dashboard, including the ability to download the data presented and other significant enhancements for data visualization.


We've created a short video on how to access the Dashboard, what it includes as well as how to navigate it:



The current method of daily spreadsheet update deliveries via the Portal has been deprecated and replaced by the Client Dashboard starting today.


That means that all end of day (EOD) Market Timer updates will be on the Dashboard starting Monday, August 19th.


You may request access to legacy DOW/S&P and Nasdaq versions of the spreadsheets (including an unlocked version) by contacting​​​​ for more information.


Access to your password for the new Dashboard is available now in the​​ Client Portal.


With this new update, we believe you'll have a greater understanding of the algorithms Market Timer has built to identify, track and profit from market movements like no other service in the world.


Have a great morning/day/night!


-The Market Timer Team




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