This new, affordable bundle combines the best of our TOS (ThinkorSwim by TD Ameritrade)* studies into one for superior market timing.

What’s included:

IntraTrader study: Uses our Balance of Power (BoP) and Volatility (MTVOL) algorithms to accurately identify short-term market trends with audible alerts and arrows on the upper study.

Supply/Demand study (SD): Measures buying and selling activity (money flowing into and out of the market) in a way that volume cannot. When large (institutional) orders are entered they have the potential to move the market. This script quickly and easily identifies those opportunities. To see how, please watch the video below.

Strength/Trend (ST): An algorithm that measures the speed at which money is moving into and out of the market. This is like a momentum indicator but uses internal market data for better accuracy than price data – the sharper the slope, the faster the money is flowing into and out of the market.

Watch the videos below for information on how we use these to make better trading decisions:


LIFETIME UPDATES – One-Time Price $495


Professional trading strategies made simple™
For TOS platform only. Not available for TradeStation or NinjaTrader – please see our Premium Plan for those conversions