The Complete Market Timer System

Since 1992 the Market Timer System has consistently informed us when the market is about to begin a large advance or decline. There’s no other system in the world that can match it. In September 2018 Market Timer saw trouble coming and told clients to “SELL”. The DOW and S&P500 lost 10% (~3000 points) in the 3 months that followed.

It also handles short-term swing market movements with ease. On July 7, 2019 Market Timer told us that the market would rally the coming week. The DOW was up over 400 points and the S&P500 over 23 points. On Nov 17, 2019 we stated the market is giving us a Sell signal – the S&P 500 was down 17 points in the first 4 days of the trading week. This page is not long enough to relate every signal call we’ve made – but we’ve been correct nearly every time a signal has flashed.

We could literally fill books with the correct calls it’s made. It is consistently the best indicator of short and longer-term market moves than any other system in the market.


Here’s what you get today:


• UNLOCKED (no password) Market Timer spreadsheets (DOW/S&P500 & Nasdaq) with formulas and algorithms that generate all the indicators – they are yours for your use only and easy updated ($3000 value)!


• UNLIMITED ACCESS Archived Website with over 184 updates and newsetters + furture updates ($1000 lifetime value)!


• UNLIMITED ACCESS to Live Streams with Q&A sessions ($1900 /yr value)1


• LIFETIME UPDATES to the Spreadsheets after the close of trading each day ($1000 /yr value)


• Market Timer spreadsheet Historic Data from 2008 – 2015 ($2500 value)!


• Latest Market Timer User Guide!


• ALL Market Timer PREMIUM Studies for TOS, TradeStation, NinjaTrader and (new!) PineView for TradingView!* (NOTE: All scripts are available for TOS, only some scripts are available in other platform formats) (with updates as/when available) ($3000 value)


• UNLIMITED access to the entire system above and free upgrades to our PREMIMUM scripts and future Market Timer developments ($5000+ lifetime value)


PREMIUM SCRIPTS Include (new ones added frequently):

The Market Timer System is the best in the world. But don’t take our word for it. Listen and watch* as a student uses our system to make $4,000+ in the first few days:

And finally, here’s how this system does all the heavy lifting for you:

* No investment advice is given. Videos are for illustration and educational purposes only. Clients use TOS to run studies but may execute trades on other platforms

No monthly fees, one-time payment only!!!


$11,400 in TOTAL VALUE


One-Time Fee: $2500



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Professional trading strategies made simple™
For TD Ameritrade’s ThinkorSwim (TOS) platform only.
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*REFUND POLICY: Once you purchase you own the system and since it is 100% digital it can’t be returned. Please ask questions before ordering to be sure you understand the real value of this offer. Contact us by clicking here.